Manage your Drupal websites from your iPhone!

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5 star app
★★★★★ Leo Treasure

I don't normally review apps... but this one is great!!!! Andrew Kumar - ★★★★★


... use it everyday for mine and my clients Drupal sites. Chris m - ★★★★★

Add it to your Drupal sites; your clients will thank you for it. Rated 9/10 on AppStorm


Features for webmaster

  • Manage any number of websites
  • Create / edit content (CCK, Fields API)
  • Search and edit user accounts
  • Read, post, moderate comments
  • Moderate your content
  • Mollom™ support
  • Promote, sticky, publish, unpublish nodes
  • Manage your users, send them email etc.
  • Gravatar™ fallback for user's picture
  • Drag to refresh and to load more content
  • Built-in web browser
  • Optimized to be fast in 3G or Wifi

Features for administrator

  • Check Drupal, modules and themes updates
  • Status report
  • Run cron
  • Flush cache
  • Backup with Backup & migrate
  • View recent log entries
  • Application is passcode protected
  • Roles and permissions integration
  • Works with Drupal 6 and 7
  • Works with Pressflow and Open Atrium

Things to note

  • You need at least one Drupal website ;-)
  • You need to install the Drupad module available at drupal.org/project/drupad
  • Supports Drupal 6 and 7.
  • done You need to be the Drupal website administrator (user 1), but this will be extended